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#twitter analysis for July 2014

#twitter analysis for July 2014

Because I think it doesn’t justify a big blog post, and I’ve been thinking about my use of communication mediums again lately, I am trying to analyze my twitter network.

  • I was following 195 accounts
  • 110 I tagged “I know them personally”
  • 16 I tagged “had more or less extensive talks via irc, jabber, mail, twitter with them”
  • 1 is a dog (of one of the 110) - at least I think so
  • 19x “What they write I find interesting” - would mostly prefer their RSS feed, though
  • 1 celebrity
  • 5 projects/novelty accounts (mostly run by the 110 or the 16)
  • 5 companies, organizations and meetups I am/was associated with
  • 10 projects, conferences, etc I find interesting (1 of them very spammy, but no proper website, meh)
  • 2 pure news accounts (may switch to RSS if possible)
  • 10 for pure entertainment
  • 16 accounts eliminated while sorting this list
  • there might be an off-by-one error in this list…
  • I am following 179 accounts now

So glad I can edit this post.
Compared to this, my #pants network:

  • met: 1
  • irc/mail/etc: 3
  • my own accounts: 2