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Today I want to talk a bit about moonwalk - an alternative implementation of the pants “protocol”.

First I just checked the pants commits after I accidentally found it, then decided it would be more fun to code an “API” compatible version. In Lua, because why not?

So ever since I am following progress and reimplementing some features (for now you can’t post in moonwalk, need to use SQL for that) but I can display, ping and hopefully soon do more stuff.

I’m documenting what I’m doing in the unofficial spec that I let hmans doublecheck from time to time. He said it’s going to be decentralized, serves him right :P

A few observations:

  • lua rocks
  • classic web development with CRUD and user facing stuff not so much
  • there are some frameworks, lapis looks most promising
  • I’m still writing my own stuff
  • there is really fancy stuff and really weird stuff (ngx_postgres, looking at you)
  • It’s probably not much fun to setup right now

#moonwalk #lua #nginx #tagspam #pants

So apparently adding session and login stuff to plain #Lua on #openresty is kind of a big deal.

So apparently adding session and login stuff to plain #Lua on #openresty is kind of a big deal.

There is encrypted-session-nginx-module but the only full implementation I found is -again- in lapis, so I have my doubts about sticking to my own micro framework and pondering the switch to lapis. Which would not be that bad, as I got some inspiration there anyway, as I had only worked with #redis and not with #postgres in Lua. Plus I did not put that many hours into productive code, some of it was spent on checking the spec and improving my lua-fu.


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